Getting Results: How To Hire A Digital Marketing Top Gun


One of the many things business owners must be concerned with is reaching and effectively marketing their products to their target audience. This is a group composed of current customers and new potential buyers. Generally this is addressed as a “high priority” activity by the business. And for good reason. It helps to drive sales that generates revenue, which in turn pays for operational expenses, research and development (R&D) and ultimately determines business profit.

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man performing seo with computer and magnifying glass

SEO: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly


Whenever I’m with a client or business owner and the discussion turns to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) I immediately think of actor Clint Eastwood and one of his most famous “spaghetti western” movies The Good, The Bad And The Ugly. The reason I think of this movie is because SEO has qualities that are reflected in the title of this classic movie. (see below) That’s also why I used it in the title of this post. I intend to present some of the key reasons to use SEO and why it needs to be part of your ongoing online marketing strategy and budget.

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storytelling group

3 Reasons To Integrate Storytelling Into Your Content Marketing Strategy


Everyone loves a good story. Throughout history there have been great storytellers. They are a unique group that capture hearts and minds. Stories can span the full spectrum of life experiences. The common connection we share as humans helps us to understand the development of the story. Our emotions and intellect give us the ability to quickly connect with the story characters and their actions.

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10 Ways To Optimize Your Website And Make It A Top Performer


This article is NOT intended as a “how to” or a technical discussion. Rather it is a brief overview on ways to optimize your website. My sole purpose is to familiarize you with these methods and the best practices that will positively impact website performance. It’s worth noting that new programming and communication technologies rapidly change and therefore influence how websites perform.

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